INNOVATION and QUALITY are our main guiding principles.
For many years now, our company has acted as a reliable service provider in the processes of product development, tool development, tool production and plastic injection moulding as well as nonwoven textile slitting.
We provide high-quality services, good responsiveness and a high level of flexibility. With our expertise and professional approach we are able to advise and find the best solutions.
Our aim is to satisfy our customers, business partners and employees.
By utilising the guidelines and requirements set out in the
ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016
standard, we create good business practices and provide services that fulfil all quality requirements.
1965 |The beginnings of plastic injection moulding at our company date back to 1965 when Janez Homar founded a workshop in Mengeš for producing plastic pieces and synthetic resins, mainly focusing on the production of funeral and cemetery equipment.
1969 | Janez Homar was one of the first members of the Zora Domžale z. o. o. crafts cooperative, founded in 1969, which brought together various craftsmen from around Ljubljana, entire Slovenia and former Yugoslavia.
1981 | Janez Homar relocated his plastics processing workshop to new business premises in Otoče.
1989 | The workshop for manufacturing products from plastics and synthetic resins as well as wooden products was relocated to Podbrezje. Zoran Gubanc took over the running of the company, therefore continuing the family tradition. He kept expanding the business in Podbrezje until 2015.
2015 | In 2015, sole proprietor Zoran Gubanc s. p. restructured the company, becoming
GUBANC, PLASTIKA IN RAZREZ MATERIALOV, d. o. o. The plastics and material slitting company relocated from Podbrezje to Tržič, to take up larger business, production and warehouse premises.
PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDING is our main production
activity and where we are partnered with numerous companies
in the automotive, electrical, telecommunication and furniture
industries, as well as the hand tool, packaging products, funeral
and cemetery equipment industries.
Our machines are capable of plastic injection moulding even
the most technical complex products.
Information about our production capacities 1,200 m2 of production floor area and 1,000 m2 of
warehouse floor area
Machine clamping force: from 12 to 160 tonnes Weight of pieces: up to 350 g (PS) Materials: PA6/66, PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, POM, TPE, etc. Additional technological services Overmoulding metal and non-metal parts Thermal printing Manual assembly
NONWOVEN TEXTILE SLITTING is a production line intended for customers in the filter, automotive, construction,
shoe making and furniture industries, as well as for household appliances and acoustic insulation industries.
Our flawless, controlled and high-quality production is carried
out using high-tech machines that are developed together with
our customers and adapted to their specific requirements.
Slitting technical specifications Nonwoven textiles are slit into strips of various lengths and widths (max. working width 2,200 mm, min. slitting width
10 mm, max. diameter of mother roll 1,300 mm and final
reel 820 mm)
Additional technological services Production of polyester side and end pieces for air and cabin filters (applying adhesive to strips of various widths and
cutting them into various lengths)
Our VISION is to become a well-recognised supplier for comprehensive solutions for plastic injection moulding and nonwoven textile slitting.
MISSION is to fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers, achieve customer satisfaction and maintain long-last partnerships through our comprehensive support, adaptability, responsibility, as well as by investing in people and caring for the environment.
TOOL DESIGN is essential in the plastic injection moulding process. We offer our customers the services of product development and optimisation supported
by simulations.
Partner: HME
TOOL PRODUCTION for plastic injection moulding is based on our use of modern technology, the continuous upgrading of our expertise and following technological developments.
Partner: MikroS
PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDING and NONWOVEN TEXTILE SLITTING are our main production processes, which are supported with the use of cutting edge technology.
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